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Workplace 2.0

As we return to the workplace, developing a program based on health/safety, productivity, and collaboration are essential to creating a welcoming work environment.

mYamaguchi Architecture is a small design oriented firm. We specialize in workplace design and tenant improvement projects.  Our goal is to provide innovative and sustainable design, cost efficient solutions and deliver long-term value to our clients.




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Marvin Yamaguchi, AIA


Marvin is a registered architect in the State of Washington and a University of Washington alumnus.  Since forming mYAMAGUCHI ARCHITECTure in 1988, he has been engaged in numerous high-profile commercial and tech projects. His work is represented across Washington State and in San Francisco, California.  Marvin is fully immersed in all phases of a project from the initial space programming and test fit studies to the construction close-out.  Working closely with his associates, Marvin prepares all construction documents and permit drawings. He is also adept with digital visualization tools and creates 3D presentation renderings and video animations for many of his clients. Marvin is a member of the American Institute of Architects.


Marvin spends his free moments photographing landscapes, the night sky, and more recently as an event photographer at cycling events.  You can see his work at

Washington State Registration #6292

Christine Chaney

Consultant:  Project Designer

With a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Ball State University and a career spanning over 25 years in design and art, Christine not only believes in the power of open-minded design-thinking, but has been witness to the positive changes it has made to in the world around her.  Christine knows to ask the big questions up front in order to understand the parameters of the true needs and wants of the client.  She is known for her out-of-the-box approach and creativity that is expressed in space, art, education and fashion.  Christine understands the importance of being present during the entire process of design through construction in order to guarantee the best possible outcome for the client.  For Christine, design is not only about the product produced, but about the quality of the process.

You can see more of her work at

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