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Christine Chaney

Christine Chaney Creative


With a career spanning 25 years in both architectural design and art, Christine Chaney believes is the process and power of design-thinking.  No program or problem is too big or too small to be positively changed for the better by design.  Design, for Christine, is not only about the product produced, but about the process, both of the creation of the places as well as the experiences of living with the outcome.  For at it's very core good design should make peoples lives better; healthier, less stressed, joyful and inspired even. Working with international clients as big as Boeing, HP, Nordstrom, Hilton, Best Western or with local start-ups as small as Moz, Zulily, Tully's or Halo Salon, Christine asks the big questions up front in order to understand the parameters of the true needs and wants of the client.  This is what it takes to weave the DNA a particular brand into the very fiber of the project.  Workplace design in particular is becoming more and more about connection and collaboration, comfort and creativity, the very elements of a healthier existence for all.  Christine is excited to be a part of this transformation.








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