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<Design During COVID>

During these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic,

it is essential to rethink workplace safety strategies and

also keep design longevity in mind, as private and public

entities transition back to their place of business. 

AIA Report
Reopening America:  Strategies for Safer Offices

Markings - Marvin Yamaguchi 

mYamaguchi Architect is a small design oriented firm.

We specialize in workplace design and tenant improvement projects.  Our goal is to provide innovative and sustainable design, cost efficient solutions and deliver long-term value to our clients.



Marvin Yamaguchi AIA



Marvin is a registered architect in the State of Washington and a University of Washington alumnus.  Since forming mYAMAGUCHI ARCHITECT in 1988, he has been engaged in numerous high-profile commercial and tech projects. His work is represented across Washington State and in San Francisco, California.


Marvin's goal is to provide highly innovative and sustainable design practices, deliver cost efficient solutions and bring long term value to his clients.  He is fully immersed in all phases of a project from the initial space programming and test fit studies to the post construction phase.  Working closely with his associates, Marvin prepares all construction documents and permit drawings.  He is also adept with digital visualization tools and has created 3D presentation renderings and video animations for many of his clients.


Marvin is a member of the American Institute of Architects.  During this time of COVID-19, Marvin spends his free moments at home sketching on his smart phone device and photographing backyard birds.


Washington State Registration #6292

Marvin Yamaguchi, Architect
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